strong>How To Take A Good Selfie

Selfie Poses: Use A Professional Photographer Approach

Do not take selfies just like everyone else. Use professional photography principles to make better selfies and stand out from the crowd. I will explain you how in this article.The perfect selfie – it could be so simple! But 30 minutes and 10 exhausting poses later, you are still not satisfied with the result, because somehow your self-portraits do not want to look as relaxed and cool as those of the delightful bloggers?

That is over now, because today I want to help you to become a real Selfie-Professional and inspire the community! Get on the phone, it’s selfie-time!

How To Take A Good Selfie If I Am Not Photogenic, What Can I Do?

Success through the perfect Selfie

A good selfie can not only be uploaded to social networks, it can also be used as a source of income. The perfect Selfie can even help you to a successful career start. Selfie queen Kim Kardashian has published an entire book with her self-portraits and Justin Bieber helped two girls, whose perfect Selfies he discovered and then shared on his Instagram account, to a modeling career. Numerous fashion bloggers also rely on daily selfies to present their “Outfit of the Day”. With a perfect selfie you can be sure of success and a good career boost.


Step 1:  General location tips

astarot /

In a selfie, the location and the background, are also protagonists of the self portrait. I will show you now how to integrate them inside the selfie.

Whether you want to make the perfect selfie on holiday, in the gym or at home is up to you. However, there are some things you should consider. Keep the background as steady as possible so that you are the center of attention. You photograph in public places? Then no strangers should be seen, so that they do not get into the social media without being asked.

Perhaps you would like to be inspired by current trends: the most popular locations are fitness studios, Selfies in elevators or the photo in the car. The mobile phone, however, prefers to remain in the pocket at no go locations, such as memorials.

Even small aids are allowed: the Selfiestick has always split the community – for some a smiled at gadget, for others a must-have. Group photos are definitely best displayed with this tool (if you like taking group photos, whether for a birthday or a wedding, for example, then read my article with great tips and tricks on “the perfect group photo”. Because hand on heart: group photos don’t have to be stiff and uncreative. I’ll show you how to do it).

Step 2 for the perfect selfie: The light

oneinchpunch /

Selfies succeed best with natural daylight. A light source from the front prevents unattractive shadows and additionally conjures up great reflections in the eyes. Particularly atmospheric: photography against the light.

The latest gadget in Selfies are Selfie Cases, mobile phone cases with integrated light – perfect for the delicately illuminated self-portrait! However, the flash function should remain switched off in any case (see my guide on how to take really good photos with your smartphone to find out why you should avoid the flash).

Small DIY tip for home: as the face is often too dark, you can brighten it up for the photo by placing a white sheet of paper or a mirror next to the camera, as the light is reflected and falls on your face.

Step 3 for the perfect selfieThe

SrsPvl /

Now for perfect positioning! Of course you can bring the Duckface, but you will catch only a few Like. The magic word is: naturalness! Be authentic and smile into the camera. Selfies for Snapchat are allowed to be funny, Instagramfotos are more stylish and staged – so pay attention to the message your picture should convey.

In general, you should hold your smartphone at a 45° angle above your head, because from there your eyes look bigger. To avoid distortion, keep the phone as far away from your face as possible (how about the Selfiestick?). Of course the full frontale works, but you can also take a picture of your chocolate side. Just try various head postures.

What do you especially like about yourself? Is it your eyes? Or the lips? Emphasize only one feature, in addition you can take an aesthetic hand pose as an aid. But also other tricks are allowed to give your Selfie additional dynamics: photograph yourself with other people (the so-called #ussie) or, especially heartwarming, with an animal.

Discover more: Strike a pose! You can find even more examples of posing for natural shots in the guide “Posing for a photo – 4 tips for a beautiful portrait”

Step 4 for the perfect SelfieNew
trends to pick up

Evgeny Trezubov

A normal Selfie is too boring for you? Then try out detail shots. Whether the feet in the white beach sand or the follow me to pose – such recordings spice up your instagra profile and are real like guarantors!

You are now ready for the perfect selfie – another tip for triggering the front camera: you can trigger the camera more easily using the volume button on your mobile phone or the voice control and save yourself wild contortions with your free hand.

Step 5 for the perfect Selfie machining
and filter

AstroStar /

Hardly any photo nowadays gets into the social media without a filter. In the post-processing you can still get some out of your picture.

Instagram offers numerous filters that give your shot the typical Selfie look. Make sure your photos always have similar colors and brightness so your profile looks structured. Cooler tones and low-contrast, brightly lit photos work particularly well.

Snapchat has a variety of changing masks that you can use perfectly for your production. Your humor is in demand here. Attraction guaranteed!

But there are also various selfie apps, all of which promise the perfect portrait! In the self-test, however, I had to learn that these are not very convincing… a pity! Instead, I can recommend the VSCO filters.

Which photo tools I can recommend to you, so that you can prepare your perfect Selfie a little bit, you can find in my TOP list about the “5 best photo apps”

Step 6 for the perfect selfie
Share correctly – the best Selfie hashtags /

Et voila! You got your perfect selfie on the smartphone, and now? The community needs to see your photo! Share your Selfie on all social networks, for example Instagram and Snapchat. Known hashtags help you to be found as often as possible. I’ve listed the most common hashtags for you once:

#nofilter #nofilterneeded #nomakeup #handface #followmeto #selfies #instadaily #selfiesunday #instaselfie

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